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The presenter information is below, click on their photo to find out more!


Carolyn Pfister, Jonathan Dueck, and Michele Cantwell-Copher

Welcome and Masters of Ceremonies Introduction

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 9.11.53 PM.png

Eric Dearing, Gigliana Melzi, Donna Johnson, and Margaret Caspe

The Promise and Practice of Family Math for Young Children

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 2.36.35 PM.png

Heather Mcclellan-Brandusa and Naomi Reeley

Brief Whole Group- Demonstration of the EMP Website


Stuart J. Murphy

Links and Leaps: Making Connections Across the Early Math Curriculum

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Arlene Paxton and Amber Morabito

Infant/Toddler Curriculum: Supporting the Development of Early Math Skills


Steven Kellner

The Case for Coherence: Building Capacity Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 9.55.48 PM.png

Conversations that Count: Developing Number Sense from Birth to Kindergarten

Jie-Qi Chen and Mary Hynes-Berry

Dana McVey.jpg

Supporting Math

Development through

Family Engagement

Dana McVey

Learning from Experiences- Building Capacity of Educators through the CA Early Math Initia

Learning from Experiences: Building Capacity of Educators through the CA Early Math Initiative

Moderators: Osnat Zur and Paul Reimer

Panelists: Jill Johnson, Michelle Lau, Claudia Meza, Blanca Silva, Eunice Munro, Daniel Mendoza

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 2.43.12 PM.png

Jeanine Brownell and Rakhee Dodia

Notice and Wonder: Using Photos to Spark Mathematical Conversations

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 7.51.47 AM.png

Lisa Ferguson and Veronica Castro

"¡Vamos A Jugar Juntos!": como los juegos de mesa invitan a TODOS los niños y sus familias a activar el pensamiento matemático

Supporting Children’s Mathematical Development- Stories from TK through 3rd Grade Educator

Panelists: Ryan Kurada, Tracy Doverspike, Desiree Harrison, Sylvia Parker

Supporting Children’s Mathematical Development: Stories from TK through 3rd Grade Educators

Supporting Children’s Mathematical Development- Stories from Infancy through Preschool Edu

Facilitator: Dana McVey

Panelists: Brittany Montelongo, Janet Margosian, and Shelley Anderson

Supporting Children’s Mathematical Development: Stories from Infancy through Preschool Educators

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 12.17.52 PM.png

 Elin Anderson and Brook Williams

Mathematics is Moving!

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 12.25.25 PM.png

Kritsa Murphy, Cori Schmidt, and Monica Hernandez

Introduction to Family Child Care at Its Best: Building Numeracy Skills and Beyond


Shannon Crass

Building Inquisitive Minds Through Counting Collections and Collaboration

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 12.30.39 PM.png

Donna Johnson and Rebeca Itzkowich

Counting Frames and Ten Frames; tools for building strong number relationships.

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 12.32.47 PM.png

Janette Trejo MA, Matilda T. Soria, Ed.D, and Barbara Daniel, MA ED

Engaging Families in Early Math: Family Math Nights

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 3.54.51 PM.png

Carolyn Pfister, Makenna Huey, Dana McVey, Haley Gordon, and Naomi Reeley

Talk and Play: Discovering Math through Children's Literature

Gigi Carunungan.png

Gigi Carunungan

Math Stories Make Math

Make Sense


Tracy Doverspike

Count On!

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 8.35.11 AM.png

Marlene Kliman, Alyssa Mito Pusey, Ana Crespo, Jenny Lacika, and JaNay Brown-Woo

Storytelling Math

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 4.01.57 PM.png

Aileen Rizo, Scott Nielsen, and Steve Pauls

Weaving New Ideas in Early Mathematics

cyndi dean.png

Cyndi Dean

Move. Play. Learn

Early Math Symposium June 2022-2.png

AIMS Center, California Mathematics Council, Books by the Bushel,The Discovery Source, MathXplorers, Star Bright Books, Math Shelf, Lakeshore, Hand2Mind

Vendor Fair

Early Math Symposium June 2022-2.png

Loving Early Math through Literature, 
A Visit with MathStart Author and Symposium Presenter Stuart J. Murphy, and Early Math Project Chat Space.

Conversation Spaces


Carolyn Pfister and Jonathan Dueck


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