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About The Early Math Project

Core Beliefs

  • All children can learn and appreciate mathematics.

  • Intelligence is not a fixed trait – we can all develop our mathematical abilities.

  • Developmentally appropriate play and engaging mathematical experiences coupled with productive struggle and persistence contribute to success in life.


  • The Early Math Project focuses on unlocking the mathematical potential of young children and empowering the adults – family members, care providers, and teachers - who shape their learning.

  • Our mindsets—how we perceive our abilities, especially our ability to learn—play a key role in our motivation and achievement.

  • Family members, care providers, and teachers will be prepared to foster a growth mindset and an appreciation of mathematics, so that all children fulfill their mathematical potential.

Overview of Goals

The Early Math Project promotes awareness of the importance of math in early education (birth to age eight), provides tools to parents and educators, and collaborate with agencies and organizations working to advance mathematical learning by doing the following:

  • Advocating the importance of early math, mindset, and adequate professional preparation and development

  • Promoting and providing early math and mindset resources, best research-based practices, training materials, and support tools

  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to mathematics learning

  • Fostering a growth mindset and productive disposition toward mathematics

  • Leveraging technology to provide free, accessible early math resources that are developmentally appropriate, culturally/linguistically sensitive, and inclusive

  • Spearheading development of early math training and resources based on institutions of higher education survey

  • Responding to the early math needs of parents, providers, teachers, and administrators

  • Seeking partnerships to sustain early math work in California

  • Creating and sustaining an early math website with family, care provider, and teacher resources

  • Maintaining a presenting team to deliver a common message regarding the importance of early math

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