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A Growth Mindset

The term Growth Mindset resulted from years of research from Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck. and embodies an individual’s ability to develop, grow, and learn through work, commitment and dedication.


A mindset is a set of beliefs and attitudes held by an individual about certain topics, qualities, or traits. Mindsets that we all possess are beliefs about our personality, skills, talents, and level of intelligence.


Mindsets grow, just like the hairs on our heads and the leaves on trees. They can be cultivated--extending to unprecedented lengths and heights. Such growth may be steady and constant, as that of the human body, or as sudden as leaves changing color and transitioning through seasons. These characteristics are not stagnant or innate. There is time, effort, and a process for each. A growth mindset links these attributes to potential and possibility. As we work to discover the mathematic potential of all children, we hope growth mindset is an actualization of our children’s learning experiences. Developing a growth mindset fosters an appreciation for learning--and an appreciation for the learning process of mastering math.


The growth mindset recognizes that an individual’s intelligence is not fixed, and with effort it can grow. By working at the learning process, individual intelligence has unlimited potential and possibility.

For examples of a growth mindset in children's literature, check out these books and corresponding EMP reviews.

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