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Dominoes are a great resource for learning numbers and patterns. They can be used for matching, counting, adding, subtracting, subitizing (recognizing how many are there without counting), comparing, and more!

Children can learn counting with dominoes by placing counters over each dot as they count. Some things to use as counters:

  • Buttons

  • Small pom pons

  • Shapes cut from colored paper 

  • Beans

  • Small rocks

  • Counters

Dominoes can also be used for learning the skill known as “counting on." Children use this skill when learning addition. For example, a student wants to add 5 plus 3. They do not yet know the answer so they figure it out by counting. “Counting all” involves starting by counting out five, then counting out three and then counting all objects. “Counting on” involves starting with five and then counting three more without starting over. The child would say, "fiiiive... six, seven, eight, there are eight all together."

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