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Numeral Cards

Here are a few FUN ideas to help your child write numerals:

  • Spread sand or glitter in a tray; have your child write each numeral 0-9.

  • Using the numeral cards included below, have your child glue yarn onto the form of the numeral; alternatives: glitter, string, cotton wool, or small rocks.

  • Use pipe cleaners, modeling dough, or clay to form the numerals.

  • Use finger paint to write the numerals on giant paper.

  • Use a large paint brush and water to paint the numerals

    on the sidewalk or driveway.

  • Trace each numeral on sand paper and have your child cut

    them out and glue them on larger paper. Your child can

    outline each numeral with brightly colored markers.

  • Spread shaving cream on a plate or tray and have your

    child write each numeral with their finger in the shaving


  • Read a math-y story out loud (for example Ten Eggs in a Nest by Marilyn Sadler) and when you read a number, have the child write the number on paper.

  • Make pancakes in the shape of the numerals.

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