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Family Math Toolkit

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Access the PBS Family Math Toolkit Here

Family Math is a research-based, multiplatform, bilingual program in English and Spanish that focuses on building math positivity, confidence, and knowledge of foundational math skills for families with children ages 2–5. Family Math equips parents and caregivers with strategies and resources to facilitate meaningful math experiences at home through playful learning and hands-on activities.


Family Math enables broadcasting stations and community-based organizations to partner with parents and caregivers to support children’s early math development through play. We emphasize how learning and teaching math can be simple, fun, and embedded in everyday contexts. Some families are unsure of where to start, and we aim to help families realize that many of the daily routines and activities they are already doing are the perfect place to introduce early math concepts. We work to build a math community, expand ideas of math, and develop informal ways to engage in positive math activities with children.

FAMILY MATH was designed and concepted by PBS SoCal in Los Angeles.

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