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M5 Early Math Practices

As part of the California Statewide Early math initiative, WestEd developed four video guides to promote teachers’ use of the M5 Early Math Practices with different age groups (infants, toddlers, and preschoolers). Each video guide provides educators with a process to learn about the M5 practices as well as an opportunity to watch a video that illustrates M5 in action, examine and explain how M5 practices are illustrated in the clip, and reflect on their own practice and the implementation of M5 practices within their own settings. The four video guides discuss ways early math trainers and coaches can use the M5 practices to build educators’ early math teaching practices. 

Videos from Video Guides:

Video for "Math Is Everywhere"

Video for "Math Through Ramps and Balls"

Video for "Making Measurement Meaningful"

Video for "Exploring Math Through Literature"

Teacher Interviews:

First teacher interview for "Math Is Everywhere"

Second teacher interview for "Math Is Everywhere"

Teacher interview for "Making Measurement Meaningful"

Teacher interview for "Exploring Math Through Literature"

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