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Family STEAM Events

Hosting Family STEAM Events 

Setting up an In-Person Math Event: Host an Early Math Festival

Setting up a Hybrid or Virtual Math Event: Host a Virtual or Hybrid Early Math Event

Family Math Event Activity Collections 

Family Math Event Activity Collections for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners 

Family Math Event Activity Collections for 1st Graders to 3rd Graders

What is a Family STEAM Event?

Family STEAM Events are celebrations of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. They might be tinkering fairs, family math nights, virtual get togethers, at-home family explorations shared within a community of learners, or exploration stations set up in a library.  


We believe that most successful STEAM events have certain features in common. 


First, they are planned with a deep understanding and connection to the families involved. They are sensitive to family needs, interests, and backgrounds, and are scheduled at times and locations that support family involvement. Ideally STEAM events are planned with families.  


STEAM events also provide ideas and strategies for encouraging continued STEAM exploration at home and they use commonly available items so everyone has access. 


STEAM events seek family feedback and take into consideration what is working well and what could work better. They adapt in response to family feedback. They are ongoing in nature, build upon each other, and encourage families to incorporate STEAM into everyday activities and routines. 


Lastly, it is important to think about staffing these events. For example, when a STEAM event is staffed by educators, the planners carefully consider the role of the teachers and how the event is impacted by staff participation. They consider if the goal of the STEAM event is for teachers to model an approach for parents to use at home or if the staff's primary role is to support the interaction between the family and child or perhaps some combination of both of these approaches. 

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