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Play with pattern blocks

and learn geometric shapes!


The following pattern block activities present skills that children are taught during their early math years. Use these to encourage and stretch your child’s understanding of geometric shapes and their attributes. The activity cards engage children’s spatial awareness, their ability to create and complete patterns, and compare various shapes.


Pattern blocks come in six shapes in six different colors: yellow hexagons, orange squares, blue parallelograms, red trapezoids, green triangles, and tan rhombuses.

Symmetry with Pattern Blocks

Use this handout to explain, teach, and explore symmetrical shapes and lines of symmetry.

Age Range:


Pattern Block Designs

This handout introduces pattern blocks by name, shape, and color for children to categorize the designs they make in a table.

Age Range:


Building Larger Shapes

Use this handout to practice building larger shapes using the pattern blocks.

Age Range:


Snowflake Symmetry

This handout discusses symmetry using everyday shapes.

Age Range:


Turkey Template

This activity card encourages children to use pattern blocks to outfit a turkey.

Age Range:


Pattern Block Outlines

Print these pages for your child to trace, cut out, and color their own pattern blocks.

Age Range:


Pattern Blocks with Partners

Have children create their own shape and then trade outlines to challenge their partner to fill in their creation.

Age Range:


Bigger Shapes

Learn about congruency and have children build bigger shapes with their pattern blocks.

Age Range:


How Many Rectangles?

Explore rectangles and their attributes, then have child create their own.

Age Range:


Pattern Block Patterns

Use this activty card to practice completion and creation of patterns.

Age Range:

Numerals made with Pattern Blocks:










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