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Count, Play, Explore Issues

What are the Count, Play, Explore Issues?

The Early Math Project and the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools' STEM Department have collaborated in developing Count Play Explore Issues. In a nutshell, these provide suggestions for mathematical family engagement in three broad categories - counting, playing, and exploring. 

One side of the Count Play Explore activity sheet is broken into three color bands - the orange band provides suggestions for counting, the blue band provides ideas for mathematical play, and the purple band gives ideas for mathematical explorations. This side is further broken down by age range. There are ideas appropriate for infants and toddlers, preschool age children, kindergarteners, and elementary school age children. 


The other side of the page outlines STEM activities that families can do together. For example, one issue explores buoyancy of objects. Families look at objects that sink and float in water, make predictions about what an object will do, see if their predictions were correct, and design, create, and test boats. There are links to online games, videos, and other activities to try.

How can you use Count, Play, Explore Issues?

The Count Play Explore Issues can be sent home as part of a monthly newsletter with an opportunity for families to share what they’ve done, either in a virtual picture gallery such as a Padlet or in-class displays. 

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