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The Case for Coherence: Building Capacity Pre-K to 3rd Grade

This session will focus on the California Education Partners Preschool Through Third Grade Coherence Collaboration (P3CC).  This network of school districts across California is a focused effort to build an academic and structural bridge between preschool and kindergarten-3rd programs. Learn how districts built capacity and leveraged resources to create cross-functional district teams focused on Pre-K through 3rd-grade transitions with the greatest benefits to English Learners and socio-economically disadvantaged students.

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Steve serves as the Director of Program Sustainability and Growth for California Education Partners where he develops and delivers a clear external communications strategy that supports the recruitment of districts and funders while informing other external stakeholders about the organization’s work.  Additionally, he works directly with superintendents to provide coaching, support, and coherence.

Over his 25 years in public education, Steve has served as a classroom teacher, site and district administrator, and superintendent. Under Steve’s leadership, the West Sonoma Union High School District was recognized as one of the top 100 districts in California.

Throughout his career, Steve has seen the transformative power of public education. He has worked to close achievement gaps and open doors for students who have had too many barriers on their way from preschool to first-generation college students.

Steve earned a Doctorate in Educational Administration and Supervision from Loyola University Chicago where he researched the impact of superintendent leadership on student achievement.


Steven Kellner

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