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Links and Leaps: Making Connections Across the Early Math Curriculum

It is critical for us as early math educators to consider the relationships between math topics as we develop our lesson plans. When we move from one topic to the next, we need to help our students see how one skill leads to the next, make sense of it all and gain insights into how everything fits together. For example, there are important links between topics like Counting, Counting On, Building Equations, Counting by 5's and 10's, Regrouping, and Multiplication. These links are accompanied by conceptual leaps, where there's a new understanding at each related topic connection. This session will demonstrate how we can help our students consider these links and examine the leaps as they progress in their math education. The presenter will use his own books as well as other materials to show these connections and demonstrate how they can be used to help our students become better math learners. 



Stuart is the author of the award-winning MathStart series, 63 children’s books that present mathematical concepts in the context of stories for Pre-K through Grade 4. He is also the author of Stuart J. Murphy’s I SEE I LEARN, a 16-book series of storybooks for children in Pre-K through Grade 1 that focus on social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills. Additionally, Stuart is on the authorship team of enVisionMATH, a comprehensive elementary school mathematics program, a frequent presenter at educational conferences, and an advocate of helping our children develop their visual learning skills to become more successful students.

Stuart J. Murphy

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