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Supporting Children’s Mathematical Development Stories from Infancy through Preschool Educators

Join educators as they share their personal experiences and stories of supporting children's mathematical development in their environments. Learn about the strategies they have implemented and the advantages they have seen as a result. Listen as they share their struggles and successes and how they have addressed challenges.

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As a Child Development Consultant with First 5 California, I serve in the Early Learning Programs and Partnerships Office. The focus of my duties includes providing training and technical assistance to early educators that promote quality environments, and meaningful interactions, and build family engagement for the diverse populations of children birth thru five across California. Prior to joining First 5 California, I was a Program Officer at SETA Head Start in Sacramento, overseeing the staff and educational operations of 13 early learning centers. I hold a Masters of Arts in Education degree, with a focus on Human Development from CSUS (Go, Hornets!) and have over 30 years of experience as a teacher, coach, and trainer in the early childhood education field. 

Dana McVey

Brittany Montelongo is an Infant/Toddler Master Teacher at the Lighthouse for Children Child Development Center Program of the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, Early Care, and Education (ECE) Department. She's earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Child Development and has been an ECE teacher for over six years, working with infants, toddlers, and preschool children. Brittany believes that every child will thrive and succeed with positive influences and support. She actively builds relationships with children and families, which are at the heart of her teaching.


Brittany Montelongo


Shelley is married to Bill and together have three children who attended the Glendale Community College Child Development Center: oldest son Dylan 25, middle son Trent 21, and my daughter Jordyn 17.  She has worked at GCC CDC since the center opened in 1990, and is completing her 32nd year at the college. Shelley graduated from CSUN with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and went on to graduate from Pacific Oaks College with a master’s degree in Human Development with a focus on College Teaching. She is an adjunct faculty at GCC in the Child Development Department and taught in the Parent Education Department at GCC. Shelley holds a Site Supervisor Permit from the State of California and is a certified PITC (Program for Infant/Toddler Care) Trainer in modules I-V.  She enjoys hiking, baking, and playing.

Shelley Anderson

She was born and raised in Iran and is happily married to Henrik. She is the youngest of two and has an older brother. Janet moved to the States in 2009 and shortly after started college. She has been at the Glendale Community College for almost 10 years. Jane started as a student at the Child Development Center, then moved on as a substitute teacher who worked in all 4 classrooms, and later as a full-time teacher. Janet has an AS Degree in Child Development and is a certified trainer in PITC (Program for Infant Toddler Care) modules I-IV.  She is fully tri-lingual: Armenian, Farsi, and English.


Janet Margosian

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