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Move. Play. Learn.

Ready for some serious FUN? Learn how to get children to move well, move more and engage in fundamental movement skills. This interactive session will have you participate in easy-to-follow activities that are appealing to all and more important than ever! These activities will teach the importance of physical activity. We’ll take an inclusive approach to building behaviors that can lead to an active, healthy lifestyle. Are you ready?

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As a vibrant, constant-moving, experienced educator, Cyndi Dean has turned her passion for health and wellness into a mission of motivating students and adults to challenge themselves to get up, get moving, and choose a healthy, active lifestyle. Cyndi is deeply committed to inspiring and supporting youth towards their desire to transform mind, body, and spirit. Through a purposeful approach, Cyndi’s goal is to empower a diverse population with knowledge, tools, and training that heighten awareness of enhancing a healthier life. Energy rocks!

Cyndi Dean 

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