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Open, Shut Them Lyrics

This song can be used in the home or classroom to practice math skills! For infants, sing it to your baby! For older children, have them sing along!

This rhyme works like this. Sit facing your baby and make the motions as you recite the rhyme. Start with your fingertips and thumbs extended then pull your fingertips and thumb together each time the rhyme says “open, shut them.” Then you’ll clap three times. For the second verse you’ll repeat the “open, shut them” motion and then tap your lap three times with your hands. You’ll walk your finger tips from your baby’s tummy to chin for the “creep them, crawl them” motion. Then quickly open and shut your mouth before hiding your hands behind your back.

Open, shut them Open, shut them Give a little clap, clap, clap

Open, shut them Open, shut them Place them on your lap, lap, lap

Creep them, crawl them Creep them, crawl them Right up to your chin, chin, chin

Open wide your little mouth,

But do not let them in!


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