Introducing Mrs. Doverspike & The Kinder Bunnies

Tracy Doverspike is a National Board Certified Teacher and a member of the Instructional Leadership Corps. She currently teaches kindergarten in Riverside, California. As a veteran teacher of thirty years, she enjoys working with young students in math, science, art, and literature.

Interests: Early math, science, and reading.

Passions: Child development and how to teach the youngest scholars.

Favorite Movies: Toy Story, Sing, Zootopia, Beauty and The Beast, Bugs Life, The Princess Diaries, The Greatest Showman, Wolverine, and Superman.

Favorite Music: Jack Hartman, Disney songs, and anything Go Noodle.

Favorite Books: Annie of Green Gables, Charlotte's Web, Mrs. Wishy Washy, Ten Black Dots.

Tracy Doverspike wants to share about her adventures with her kinder bunnies! Visit her blog to see how to integrate math throughout a learning day in a kindergarten classroom! Find her blog at

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