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What Will Fit?
by Grace Line

Olivia visits the farmers’ market in hopes of finding an item that fits perfectly in her basket. She tests different fruits and vegetables to find the perfect fit.

Resources for What Will Fit:

Book Guide (English)


**Spanish versions are coming soon!

Activities for What Will Fit:

Special Hideout (English) 

Storytelling Structures (English)

**Spanish versions coming soon!

Topics: comparison, spatial reasoning, spatial relationships, positional words

Activities To Do Together:

Use the book What Will Fit? to strengthen spatial reasoning awareness by using positional words to describe spatial relationships. 

Before reading the book:

  • Ask your child to describe where some of their favorite toys are located. Use words like next to, on, under, and above when talking about the position of objects. 

  • Give your child a chance to explore how things fit in different-sized containers. While they are exploring, offer encouragement and emphasize spatial vocabulary. 

  • Encourage your child to explore moving different shaped objects around, inside, under, and on top of a variety of containers.

While reading the book ask your child:

  • To predict what they think will fit in her basket.

  • To describe the location of the fruits and vegetables in relationship to the basket.

When you have finished reading the story try the following: 

  • Count the number of vegetables she tries to fit in her basket.

  • Ask your child to compare how the object looks from different angles. Does it look different from different angles? Why do they think that is?

  • Help your child take pictures of an object from different angles then analyze the pictures together. Encourage your child to compare how it looks from the top, the front, the side, the bottom, and the back. What else do they notice?

  • Encourage your child to explore spatial reasoning by playing hide-and-seek or building their own hideout. 

  • Explore how size influences how objects fit. Ask your child to pick a handful of similarly-sized objects and investigate what will fit in a container.

Please check out the Book Guide for What Will Fit? for more!

Online External Resources for What Will Fit?:

  • Coming soon!

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