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Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!

SPLASH Book Photo.png
by Ann Jonas
The pond is filled with six fish. One afternoon  some unexpected animals join them in the pond. How many animals end up in the pond?
Resources for Splash:
Full Book Review (English)
Reseña Expandida (Spanish)
Brief Book Review (English)
Reseña Simplificada (Spanish)
Activities for Splash:
Spatial Board Game Instructions (English
Game Board (English)
Adding Animals (English)
Adding Animals Game Materials 

**Spanish Versions coming soon!

Who goes Splash in the pond?       

Math Connections:  

Counting               Spatial Relationships    

Activities To Do Together:

  • Count how many animals are in the pond on each page of the story. 
  • Find the page with the most animals in the pond. Find the page with the fewest animals in the pond.
  • Go on a walk. Talk about where the trees, plants, grass, sidewalk, or cars are located in relation to you and your child.

Extension Questions:

  1. How many times does the dog fall into the pond?

  2. What is the total number of fish in the pond?

  3. How many times does the word “SPLASH” appear throughout the book?

  4. How many animals fall into the pond in total?

  5. Where is the bird in relation to the mailbox?

  6. Where is the girl in relation to the pond at the end of the story?        

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts: four, many, one, third, three, two  

Please check out the Book Guide for Splash! for more!

Online External Resources for Splash!:

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