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Age: Preschool/Transitional Kindergarten

Learning Progression: Infant/Toddler Measurement

Infants and toddlers are keen observers. Children begin exploring and comparing objects within the first year of life.


Infants explore new objects with their hands and mouths. They figure out ways to bring an object closer by reaching and grasping or by using a tool that is long enough to reach the desired object. You may have watched an infant explore a new object – finding out what it does, what it feels or tastes like, what happens when it’s shaken, etc.


Toddlers often enjoy stacking blocks on top of each other to create tall towers. They may experiment with simple puzzles, exploring where the pieces fit, and trying different placements of the puzzle pieces. They often like to nest smaller objects inside of larger objects and will work on different combinations until they discover the correct order.


These initial explorations in comparing, ordering, and measuring are the foundations of a child’s developing understanding of measurement.

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