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Earth Day - Hooray!
by Sandra Boynton

Carly, Luke, and Ryan plan to recycle over 5,000 cans to buy flowers for the Earth Day celebration at Gilroy park. Will they make enough money to fix up the park by Earth Day?

Resources for Earth Day - Hooray!:
Full Book Review (English)
Full Book Review (Spanish)
Brief Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (Spanish)

**Spanish Versions Coming Soon!

Activities for Earth Day - Hooray!:
Get in Order (English)

Place Value Toss (English)

**Spanish Versions Coming Soon!

Will Ryan, Luke, and Carly collect 5,000 cans before Earth Day?

Math Connections: 

    Place Value        Addition

Activities To Do Together:

  • Talk with your child about place value. Explore numbers 1 to 20. Ask your child to identify the ones and tens digit for each number.
  • Write down five numbers between 20 and 99 and ask your child to label the ones and tens digit. When they are ready, include numbers up to 1000. Prompt them to label the hundreds and thousands digits too.

  • Have fun with addition equations. Find them throughout the book. Ask your child to write out the equations; identify the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands digit; and then solve.

  • Find a recycling place near you and make a plan with your child to recycle cans for a month. When the month is up, reflect on what you did.

Extension Questions:

  1. How would you group or gather cans to make it easier to count them?

  2. Why is it important to understand place value?

  3. How do you use place value when performing multi-digit arithmetic? 

  4. What is the value of each 4 in the number 4,444?

  5. Why is it important to recycle? What were the benefits of recycling in the book?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:  

10, 56, 60, 100, 359, 691, 1000, 1483, 2174, 2852, 3000, 5026, 247 million, 900 million, 1 billion, 64 billion, 80 billion, a lot, bigger, count, eight, empty, few, five, hundreds, lots, many, more, nine, only, pounds, six, small, some, sorted, thousands

Please check out the Book Guide for Earth Day - Hooray! for more!

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