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The New California Mathematics Framework

The California State Board of Education adopted a new Mathematics Framework in July. In this session, we will navigate use of the Framework and explore the resources and supports for educators.


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Ellen Barger is Associate Superintendent, C&I, for the Santa Barbara County Education Office. She serves as the chair of Curricular and Improvement Support Committee (CISC) of the CA County Superintendents, has been the chair of the CISC Mathematics Subcommittee since 2014, and serves on the California Mathematics Education Collaborative (CMEC). An educator for more than 35 years, Ellen holds degrees in Early and Middle Childhood Education, and Secondary/Mathematics Education. She was part of the team who presented the Mathematics Framework with the CDE to the State Board of Education in July. In addition to her love of teaching and learning, Ellen enjoys hiking and backpacking and serves on the board of the Music Academy of the West.

Ellen Barger

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