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Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom!

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Bee-bim Bop!
by Linda Sue Park

It’s time to make bee-bim bop, a traditional Korean “mixed-up rice” dish, that’s celebrated and anticipated in this book of playful verse. 

Resources for Bee-bim Bop:
Book Guide (English)

**Spanish Versions are coming soon!

Activities for Bee-bim Bop!:

Plan a Meal (English)

Half or Double (English)

Topics: measurement, sequence, fractions

Activities To Do Together: 

Before you read the book Bee-bim Bop! ask your child:

  • “What do you think bee-bim bop is?” Share that the author of the story describes bee-bim bop as mixed-up rice, a delicious traditional Korean dish. If your child is already familiar with bee-bim bop, ask them what they notice on the cover and to tell you how they think bee-bim bop is made. 

  • “What do you think is going to happen in the story based on the cover picture?”

As you read the book Bee-bim Bop! with your child:

  • Notice how the story sounds. The story’s rhythm and rhyming words make it fun to read. Count the syllables in one of the paragraphs. Compare that number with the number of syllables in another paragraph. 

  • Talk about what happens when the girl spills some water. How does she react? What does she do? 

When you are done reading Bee-bim Bop!:

  • Talk about the parts of a recipe and how quantities are written in a recipe with your child. 

  • Make bee-bim bop or another recipe with your child. If your child is ready, encourage them to be in charge of measuring all of the ingredients.

  • Ask your child to compare different kitchen measuring tools - cups, half cups, quarter cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons. How many teaspoons does it take to fill a tablespoon? How many half cups in a cup. How many tablespoons in quarter cup, half cup, and cup? 

  • Encourage your child to set the table. How many place settings will be needed? Ask them to tell you how they will arrange the table using positional words. For example, “I will place the chopsticks beside the dish. I will put the cups above the bowls.”

  • Ask your child to tell you what they’d need to do to make  bee-bim bop for eight people.

Please check out the Book Guide for Bee-bim Bop! for more!

Online External Resources for Bee-bim Bop!:

  • Coming Soon!

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