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The Shape Song Swingalong
by Steve Songs

Sing along with The Shape Song Swingalong and explore everything that can be created with a line, circle, square, and triangle.

Resources for The Shape Song Swingalong:
Book Guide (English)

**Spanish Version coming soon!

Activities for The Shape Song Swingalong:

Build This Shape (English)

Stretch Break (English)

Make This Shape (English)

Shape a Song (English)

Do You Want to Build a Polygon? (English)

Simon Says, “Shape Up!” (English)

What can you make with a line, circle, square, and triangle?

Topics: classification, counting, geometry, shapes, transformations

Activities To Do Together:

Before you read the book The Shape Song Swingalong ask your child:

  • To tell you which shape they think is most interesting and why.

  • To tell you about the shapes they are familiar with and where they see those shapes.

While you read The Shape Song Swingalong:

  • Ask your child to pick one illustration from the story and tell you about the shapes they see.

When you are done reading The Shape Song Swingalong encourage your child to:

  • Create a Shape Song Swingalong Dance! Teach it to someone.

  • Make up a song about different shapes. Make a song about rectangles, pentagons, and/or hexagons. What other shapes can they write a song about?

  • Use combinations of different shapes to make a collage of boats, skyscrapers, sand castles, animals, or anything else that captures their imagination.

  • Draw something using lines, circles, triangles, and squares.

  • Choose a picture in the story - the owl, lion, boat, or any image that interests your child.  Ask your child to tell you about how lines, circles, squares, and triangles were combined in the illustration.

Questions for Building Mathematical Concepts:

  1. Can you make a line, circle, square, and triangle with your body? Try it! What other shapes can you make with your body?

  2. What shapes do you see on the page with the big skyscrapers? Why do you think skyscrapers are called “skyscrapers”?

  3. What animals do you see at the party in the park? What shapes do you see in each of the animals?

  4. What shapes do you see throughout the day? Where do you see them?

  5. Have you ever dreamed about shapes? Describe your dream and the shapes that you saw.

Please check out the Book Guide for The Shape Song Swingalong for more!

Online External Resources for The Shape Song Swingalong:

  • Coming Soon!

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