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The Birthday Box


Thank You, Omu!

by Oge Moore

Omu is making a big pot of thick red stew for dinner. The delicious smell attracts guests from all across town. With each new guest Omu shares a bowl of her thick red stew. Will Omu be left with enough of her thick red stew for dinner?
Resources for Thank You, Omu!:
Full Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (English)

**Spanish Version coming soon!
Activities for Thank You, Omu!:
Thick Red Stew (English)
Omu’s Town (English)

**Spanish Version coming soon!

Will Omu have enough stew to eat for dinner?    

Math Connections: 

      Patterns                Spatial Relationships

      Size                      Cause and effect


Activities To Do Together:

  • Talk with your child about patterns that happen in everyday life. Can you and your child find patterns that happen around you?
  • Encourage your child to find the pattern(s) that happen in the story.

  • With your child, go back through the story and write down Omu’s guests in order.

  • Explore cause and effect with your child. Remember, this is when one event makes another event occur. 

Extension Questions:

  1. How many people did Omu feed throughout the day? 

  2. Why does Omu run out of thick red stew before dinner?

  3. How far do you think the smell of Omu’s thick red stew traveled? Why do you think that?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:

big, down, empty, in, inside, most, on, out, second, small, top

Please check out the Book Guide for Thank you, Omu! for more!

Online External Resources for Thank you, Omu!:

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