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SURPRISING STEM - Focus on the Skills, Not the Tech!

Did you know you can engage in STEM learning without robots, circuits or other costly tech materials? Yes, you can! In fact, focusing on the mindset and skills behind STEM, rather than the bells and whistles, results in a more organic, accessible, and meaningful experience for all. Ruth will share ideas for STEM activities using materials you may already have on hand, including picture books and items repurposed from the recycling bin.


In this workshop, we’ll examine children’s books and discover how story elements connect to and support the foundational skills of STEM, including:

• Sequencing/Beginning, Middle and End

• Cause and Effect

• Making Predictions

• Describing, Summarizing and Sharing


Then, we’ll look at ways to develop an open-ended “STEM Challenge” activity using basic craft supplies, items from the recycling bin, or even treasures found in nature. Activity handouts and book lists will be provided to attendees.


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Ruth Spiro

Ruth Spiro is the author of more than 30 children’s books, with over one million copies in print worldwide. Her bestselling Baby Loves Science board books are the groundbreaking originals that introduce big ideas to the littlest listeners in an age-appropriate and engaging style. In addition to these board books, Ruth is the author of picture books including Made by Maxine, Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever, and Love Grows. The enthusiastic response to the Baby Loves Science books inspired a new picture book series perfect for early elementary readers, How to Explain Science to a Grown-Up. Ruth’s work has been praised by the Los Angeles Times, NPR, TODAY, Bank Street College of Education, Purdue Engineering, and more. Fans who have publicly shared their love of her books include Gabby Giffords, Chelsea Clinton, and Chance the Rapper. A frequent speaker at schools and conferences, Ruth’s previous appearances include Windy City Live on WMAQ-TV, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, World Science Festival, Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row LitFest, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. She hopes her books inspire kids to observe the world, ask questions, and when it comes to their futures, DREAM BIG!

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