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Safari Park

by Stuart J. Murphy

In Safari Park, Grandpa treats all his grandchildren to 20 tickets each at Safari Park. Paul is looking forward to riding the Terrible Tarantula. Paul loses his tickets so each of the cousins take him on a ride with their tickets. Grandpa insists that the children plan ahead how they will use their tickets. Each child has a different way to spend their tickets but it always adds up to 20.
Resources for Safari Park:
Full Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!
Activities for Safari Park:
How Many Ways to Make Twenty?

**Spanish Versions coming soon!

Will Paul be able to ride the Terrible Tarantula after he loses all his tickets?

Math Connections: equations, adding, subtracting

Activities To Do Together: 

  • ​Solve each number sentence in the book before you turn the page.

  • Discuss real-life situations similar to this one. Was the grandfather’s solution to Paul’s lost tickets a fair solution? Why or why not?

  • Talk with your child about the illustrations in the book. Ask which rides or snacks they would purchase.

Extension Questions: 

  1. If you had 20 tickets to spend at Safari Park, how would spend them?

  2. Can you figure out how many tickets each cousin has left before the page is turned?

  3. How many tickets would you need to ride the Terrible Tarantula five times?

  4. If you have 12 tickets left (out of 20) after going on some rides and eating some snacks, what are some possible ways you could have used your tickets?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts: costs, each, left over, too many

Please check out the Book Guide for Safari Park for more!

Online External Resources for Safari Park:

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