A thoughtfully designed math festival shows that math is fun, engaging, and enjoyable plus it provides opportunities to partner with parents, guardians, and the community in creating enthusiasm for mathematics. It’s also a great opportunity to  share with parents and administrators what their children are learning about math.

Increasing awareness of the importance of early math, encouraging children’s appreciation of math, and fostering mathematical learning and exploration – these are all benefits of hosting an Early Math Festival.

The Early Math Project believes there are compelling reasons to host early math festivals. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students who are encouraged to engage in frequent mathematical experiences and explorations develop confidence in their ability to understand and use mathematics. They learn at an early age that everybody has the innate ability to excel in math. Children who are encouraged to explore mathematical ideas and concepts become more persistent learners who seek out new challenges. A solid early math foundation helps children develop critical attributes such as imagination, flexibility, curiosity, inventiveness, and persistence.

EMP Math Festival Handbook - suggestions and considerations for hosting your own math festival
2017 Early Math Symposium - Math Festival Materials
Bubble Activities

Bubble Frames (pdf)

Bubble Solution Recipe (pdf)

Bubble Aloft (pdf)

Smallest to Largest (pdf)

Build It Clues

EMP Build It 1 (pdf)

EMP Build It 2 (pdf)

EMP Build It 3 (pdf)

EMP Build It 4 (pdf)

EMP Build It 5 (pdf)

EMP Build It 6 (pdf)

Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire 1 (pdf)

Cuisenaire Rod Orange Rod Activity (pdf)

Cuisenaire Rod Riddles (pdf)

Cuisenaire Rod Staircase Blackline Version (pdf)

Cuisenaire Rod Staircase (pdf)

Cuisenaire Teen Numbers (pdf)

Domino Activities

Domino Hill Directions and Diagram(pdf)

Domino Match Directions (pdf)

Domino Matching Sheets (pdf)

End to End (pdf)

Six Domino and Labels (pdf)

Dough Activities

Play Dough Recipe (pdf)

Salt Dough Recipe (pdf)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (pdf)

Math Games and Challenges

Card Patterns in Math Festival Format (pdf)

Mancala Directions (pdf)

Piglet Instructions (pdf)

Poison (pdf)

Tower of Hanoi (pdf)

Math Path Game (pdf)

Number Labels

One Through Six (pdf)

Rainbow One Through Six Circles (pdf)

Rainbow One Through Six with Dots (pdf)

Rainbow One Through Six without Dots (pdf)

Rainbow One Through Six Word (pdf)

Rainbow Seven Through Twelve Circles (pdf)

Rainbow Seven Through Twelve Dots (pdf)

Rainbow Seven Through Twelve without Dots (pdf)

Rainbow Seven Through Twelve Words (pdf)

Rainbow Seven Through Twelve (pdf)

Seven Through Twelve (pdf)

Pattern Block Activities

Hexagon Instructions (pdf)

Hexagon Mosaic (pdf)

How I Make Hexagons (pdf)

Pattern Block Cards (pdf)

Pattern Block Designs (pdf)

Pattern Block Numerals (pdf)

Pattern Block Patterns (pdf)

Pattern Mat (pdf)

Pentomino Activities

Made for Marbles (pdf)

Pentomino Blockade (pdf)

Pentomino Partner Directions (pdf)

Pentomino Pieces (pdf)

Pentomino Solitaire Directions (pdf)

Pentominoes Introduction (pdf)

Sorting Activities

Sorting Sheet - Heavy, Light(pdf)

Sorting Sheet - Short, Long (pdf)

Sorting Sheet - Small, Medium, Large (pdf)

Tin Foil Boats

Tin Foil Boat Chart (pdf)

Tin Foil Boats - These Be the Rules (pdf)

Tin Foil Boats (pdf)

Which One Doesn't Belong

Which One Doesn't Belong - Blank (pdf)

Which One Doesn't Belong - Coins for Table (pdF)

Which One Doesn't Belong - Dice One (pdf)

Which One Doesn't Belong - For Symposium Lunch (pdf)

Which One Doesn't Belong - Time and Clocks (pdf)

Which One Doesn't Belong - Directions (pdf)

Tangram Activities

Directions for Grandfather Tang's Story (pdf)

Grandfather Tang's Story All Animals Broken (pdf)

Grandfather Tang's Story All Animals Solid (pdf)

Instructions without Outline (pdf)

Tangram Instructions (pdf)

Tangram Numbers (pdf)

Grandfather Tang's Animals Broken

Crocodile (pdf)

Dog (pdf)

Fox1 (pdf)

Fox2 (pdf)

Goldfish (pdf)

Goose (pdf)

Hawk (pdf)

Lion (pdf)

Rabbit (pdf)

Turtle (pdf)

Grandfather Tang's Animals Solid

Crocodile Solid (pdf)

Dog solid (pdf)

Fox1 (pdf)

Fox2 (pdf)

Goldfish solid (pdf)

Goose solid (pdf)

Hawk solid (pdf)

Lion solid (pdf)

Rabbit solid (pdf)

Turtle solid (pdf)

Make a Shape

Square Tangrams (pdf)

Tangram Hexagon (pdf)

Tangram Parallelogram (pdf)

Tangram Pentagon (pdf)

Tangram Rectangles (pdf)

Tangram Trapezoids (pdf)

Tangram Triangles (pdf)

Tangram Images Broken

Camel (pdf)

Cat (pdf)

Chicken (pdf)

Horse (pdf)

House (pdf)

Pinwheel (pdf)

Polar Bear (pdf)

Squirrel (pdf)

Tangram Images Solid

Camel solid (pdf)

Cat solid (pdf)

Chicken solid (pdf)

Horse solid (pdf)

House solid (pdf)

Pinwheel solid (pdf)

Polar Bear solid (pdf)

Squirrel solid (pdf)

Tangram Numbers Broken

Zero (pdf)

One (pdf)

Two (pdf)

Three (pdf)

Four (pdf)

Five (pdf)

Six (pdf)

Seven (pdf)

Eight (pdf)

Nine (pdf)

Tangram Numbers Solid

Zero solid (pdf)

One solid (pdf)

Two solid (pdf)

Three solid (pdf)

Four solid (pdf)

Five solid (pdf)

Six solid (pdf)

Seven solid (pdf)

Eight solid (pdf)

Nine solid (pdf)

Tangram Shapes Broken

Triangle (pdf)

Square (pdf)

Rectangle (pdf)

Parallelogram (pdf)

Trapezoid (pdf)

Trapezoid 2 (pdf)

Pentagon (pdf)

Hexagon 1 (pdf)

Hexagon 2 (pdf)

Hexagon 3 (pdf)

Tangram Shapes Solid

Triangle solid (pdf)

Square solid (pdf)

Rectangle solid (pdf)

Parallelogram solid (pdf)

Trapezoid solid (pdf)

Trapezoid 2 solid (pdf)

Pentagon solid (pdf)

Hexagon 1 solid (pdf)

Hexagon 2 solid (pdf)

Hexagon 3 solid (pdf)

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