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Age: Third Grade

Learning Progression:

Second Grade Classification and Patterns

In first grade, students solved addition and subtraction word problems within 20 and developed fluency with these operations within 10. A critical area of instruction in second grade is building fluency with ad­dition and subtraction.


Second grade students fluently add and subtract within 20 and solve addition and subtraction word problems involving unknown quantities in all positions within 100. Second grade students also work with equal groups of objects to gain the foundations for multiplication.


In second grade, students add and subtract numbers within 100 in the context of one- and two-step word problems. By second grade, students have worked with various problem situations (add to, take from, put together, take apart, and compare) with unknowns in all positions (result unknown, change unknown, and start unknown). Second grade students extend their work with addition and sub­traction word problems in two significant ways:


  • They represent and solve problems of all types involving addition and subtraction within 100, building upon their previous work within 20.

  • They represent and solve two-step word problems of all types, extending their work with one-step word problems.

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