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Virtual Vendor Fair

Open from 9:25 am to 12:00 pm PDT

** Please note: Some rooms will have a limited number of people who can participate at any one time. If you are locked out, be patient and try to enter again in a few minutes or try another room. Be mindful of your time in each room as others may be trying to get in. Thank you!**

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California Department of Education Early Learning Division Heather McClellan-Brandusa

Meeting ID: 897 3235 5047

Passcode: 958328

Charlesbridge Logo.jpg

Charlesbridge Publishing

Megan Quinn


Hello from Charlesbridge, an independent publisher of books for children, with a goal of creating lifelong readers and lifelong learners. Our books encourage reading and discovery in the classroom, library, and home. offering accurate information, promoting a positive worldview, and embracing a child's innate sense of wonder and fun. We’d love to chat with you about our new series, Storytelling Math, developed in collaboration with math experts at STEM education nonprofit TERC, under a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation, and Stuart J. Murphy’s I SEE I LEARN® series that teaches social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills using stories and visual learning strategies


Lakeshore Learning

Nick Tarbat


Make Math Fun with Lakeshore! Our booth will focus on our Math products that are designed for fun and learning. Nick will be doing some live demos of some best seller math products.


Contact Information:


Phone: 1 (209) 294-3994


 California Department of Education Press

Jesse Medina

Meeting ID: 814 3252 3617
Passcode: 182309


The Discovery Source

Dave Scahill and Jeremy Fisher


Kodo materials are not just “toys”, they are tools for teaching. Designed for the child and the teacher, our engaging, open-ended materials captivate children and give teachers opportunities to interact and educate.


The Discovery Source created Frame Their Learning as a holistic teaching system specifically designed to help teachers improve their performance and raise students’ CLASS(R) Instructional Support Scores. This unique tool helps teachers ask more thought-provoking questions and improve their exchanges with students to spur higher quality interactions, learning and retention. Using Frame Their Learning, teachers also learn how to better incorporate a rich STEM vocabulary into lessons, which helps both teacher performance and CLASS(R) assessment scores.


Stuart J. Murphy Books! 

Our store will be hosted by Stuart J. Murphy's friend Freda, one of the stars of the "I See, I Learn" books (well actually Stuart's friend Janet, who looks a lot like Freda...)

Get ready to meet some of the characters from Stuart J. Murphy’s I See, I Learn series!

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