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Three Little Firefighters
by Stuart J. Murphy

This is the story about three little firefighters getting ready to march in a parade. The only problem is, the do not have any buttons on their coats. What will they do? The parade is about to start!

Mathematical topics to explore with this book: sorting, counting

Resources for Three Little Firefighters:
Full Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (English)

**Spanish Version coming soon!

Online External Resources

Activities for Three Little Firefighters:
Button Sorting (English)

Ordena Los Botones (español)

Button Adjectives 1 (English)

Adjetivos de botón 1 (español)

Button Adjectives 2 (English)

Adjetivos de botón 2 (español)

Sock Sorting (English)

¿Cuales Pertenece Juntos? (español)

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