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Three Little Firefighters

by Stuart J. Murphy

Three LIttle Firefighters.jpg
This is the story about three little firefighters getting ready to march in a parade. The only problem is, the do not have any buttons on their coats. What will they do? The parade is about to start!
Resources for Three Little Firefighters:
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Full Book Review (Spanish)
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Brief Book Review (Spanish)

How will the 3 little firefighters find three matching sets of buttons? Find out how they sort it out!     


Math Connections: 

Sorting                Counting


Activities to Do Together: Ask your child to:

  • Explain what the problem was that the little firefighters solved and how they solved it.
  • Gather natural items from outside or around the house and take turns sorting them in different ways

Extension Questions: 

  • How did the little firefighters end up solving their problem?

  • What are some of the ways the children tried sorting the buttons?

  • How would you solve the problem the children had: no matching buttons

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts

circles, four, large, less than, medium, sets, shape, size, small, sort, three