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Supporting the Mathematical Brilliance of Young People

Research provides us a great deal of insight into all that young people bring to their mathematical work. This session will share research findings and discuss what it would mean to attend to the research in interaction with young people in ways that open opportunities for each student, particularly those most marginalized in school.


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Megan Franke

Megan Franke is a Professor of Education at UCLA. Dr. Franke’s research focuses on understanding and supporting teacher learning for both preservice and inservice teachers. She studies how teachers making use of research-based information about the development of children’s mathematical thinking support students to learn mathematics. She is particularly interested in how teaching mathematics with attention to students’ mathematical thinking (CGI) can challenge existing school structures and create opportunities for marginalized students to develop mathematical understanding. She has been engaged in a series of studies with her colleagues that link classroom practice and student outcomes in elementary mathematics classrooms. She is a member of DREME (Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education) where she is studying prek-2 coherence, designing resources for early childhood teacher educators, and supporting preschool teacher educators. She along with the UCLA Mathematics Project is partnering with LAUSD to support teachers in PreK through 5th grade mathematics across 210 elementary and preschools. 

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