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Subtraction Fear No More

How do we help students to build number relationships to add and subtract rather that following steps, reciting poems, crossing zeros, and going next door to borrow. Using number relationships help students to build upon their number sense rather that just mimicking steps to get an answer and getting stuck when they have forgotten what to do.

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I started my career in education as an instructional aide and then a preschool teacher in 1993. I went on to teach elementary and middle school for 13 years before I started my "Math Journey". In 2013, after being a very traditional math teacher for those 13 years, I was introduced to Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI) and that changed the way I taught math, the way I thought about math, and the way I thought about who was invited to play the game of math. I went on to work as a district math coach, an administrator, and I am currently a math coordinator with Merced County Office of Education. My joy and passion for math education and equity continues to grow as I am fortunate enough to work with teachers, students, administrator, and families to spread the news that we are All Math people, and math should be explored, played, and enjoyed. Math is FUN!

Stacy Anderson

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