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STEAM Storytime: Integrating Literature and STEAM in K-3 Classrooms

Discover the magical world where storytelling meets STEAM! Designed for primary educators, this workshop demonstrates how a simple story can become a gateway to exciting STEAM learning for students. Participants will:

- Explore the Role of Literature in STEAM: Understand how stories can foster interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through engaging narratives.

- Book Selections and Strategies: Get a list of books and strategies for integrating STEAM concepts into reading sessions.

- Integration Techniques: Learn hands-on activities and projects inspired by children's literature to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving.

Download Available:

  • Presentation PowerPoint


LGATES Logo headshot - Lesley Gates.jpg

Lesley Gates is the Science Content Specialist in the STEM Department for the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools. Lesley began her career in science education as the Education Specialist at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo and transitioned into formal education as a biology teacher and K-8 District Science Coach. Her current role at the county office includes working with TK-6 teachers from across Fresno County and the state of California to identify challenges and design solutions for the transition to NGSS, focusing on integrating English Language Arts and Math standards into elementary science lessons. Lesley has been on numerous statewide NGSS committees and has presented at the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) conferences, California’s Science Educators conferences, Statewide NGSS Roll-outs, and internationally.

Lesley Gates

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