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Sort it Out!
by Barbara Mariconda
Packy the Rat loves the treasures he finds and wants to keep them all. Packy the Rat is sorting his treasures into categories, but someone is sneaking away with some of them. Who is it?
Resources for Sort it Out:
Full Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!
Activities for Sort it Out:
Everyday Sorting (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!

How will Packy the Rat sort his treasures?   

Math Connections: 


Activities To Do Together:

  • Talk about what an attribute is with your child.
  • Together, collect different items from around the house or outside and spread them out in front of you. Encourage your child to talk about the attributes of each of the objects.

  • Practice sorting together. Sort toys, clothes, leaves, or books. Talk about how you sorted the objects.

  • While reading, pause and think together about other items that could be added into the piles Packy the Rat made.

Extension Questions:

  1. What other ways could Packy the Rat sort his treasures?

  2. How many items did Packy the Rat’s sister sneak away from him?

  3. Why would sorting help Packy the Rat put all of his treasures away?

  4. What ways could you sort your own treasures?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:  

all, categorizing, classify, grouped, sort, whole

Please check out the Book Guide for Sort it Out! for more!

Online External Resources for Sort it Out!:

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