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Social/Emotional Skills = Successful Math Learners

The development of critical social and emotional skills in the early years can lead to student success, especially in the study of mathematics. Skills such as self-regulation, dealing with frustration, learning how to persevere, and cooperating with others are foundational to the learning process. As math educators, we need to work together to advance these skills and assure that our students are fully engaged in understanding and creating math models, persistent in completing their work, and motivated to develop their mathematical skills. 

This session will demonstrate how we can work with children to focus their behaviors and develop productive dispositions toward mathematics. Ideas will be provided on how to encourage young students in their reasoning and problem-solving skills, make connections to other areas of learning, and gain new understandings regarding the application of math concepts to real world situations. Current research showing the direct positive correlation between these skills and math performance will be discussed.

Let’s work together to provide the foundation our students need for early math success. 


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Stuart is the author of the award-winning MathStart series, 63 children’s books that present mathematical concepts in the context of stories for Pre-K through Grade 4. He is also the author of Stuart J. Murphy’s I SEE I LEARN, a 16-book series of storybooks for children in Pre-K through Grade 1 that focus on social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills. Additionally, Stuart is on the authorship teams of a number of math educational programs, a frequent presenter at educational conferences, and an advocate of helping our children develop their visual learning skills to become more successful students.

Stuart J. Murphy

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