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Six-Dinner Sid

by Inga Moore

Sid is a six-dinner kind of cat. His life on Aristotle Street was great  and fulfilled his six-dinner need until he caught a cold and he was found out!
Resources for Six-Dinner Sid:
Full Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!
Activities for Six-Dinner Sid:
Sid’s Daily Routine (English)
Pet Caregiver (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!

What will happen when Sid catches a cold and is brought into the vet six different times?

Math Connections: 

Patterns                 Routine    


Activities To Do Together:

  • Talk about patterns. What makes a pattern?

  • Talk about your child’s routine. What patterns do they notice about their routine?

  • While reading, keep track of what Sid does during his day. After, talk about what activities Sid repeats daily.

  • Follow the leader. One person is in charge of starting a pattern and the other person repeats it. The leader can change it as often as they want.

  • Explore your neighborhood and see if there are patterns.

Extension Questions:

  1. If Sid ate six dinners in just one day, how many dinners would he eat in one week? How many dinners would Sid eat in a month with 30 days?

  2. What is a pattern and how are patterns seen in the book? More specifically what are Sids daily patterns?

  3. What if Sid was joined by another cat? What would the pattern look like now? How many meals would be served all together?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:    

another, different, five, four, numbers, one, six, three, times, two

Please check out the Book Guide for Six-Dinner Sid for more!

Online External Resources for Six-Dinner Sid:

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