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Seeing Math Differently: Nurturing Positive Math Identities in Children

This keynote speech will delve into the transformative power of adopting a child-centric perspective on mathematics. By embracing the ways in which children can perceive and interact with mathematical concepts, educators can lay the foundation for a love of learning and a positive math identity. Participants will discover how to foster curiosity, creativity, and confidence in young learners, empowering them to see math as a source of joy and discovery.

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Dr. Lateefah Id-Deen is an Associate Professor at Kennesaw State University, an award-winning mathematics teacher educator, author, speaker, and consultant. She earned her doctoral degree from Michigan State University. At the heart of her mission lies a commitment to cultivating inclusive mathematics classrooms. Dr. Id-Deen collaborates closely with curriculum developers, districts, schools, and educators, infusing culturally responsive pedagogical practices. Her approach prioritizes fostering strong student-teacher relationships, affirming diverse mathematics identities, and nurturing a sense of belonging among learners. Her work reflects her passion for creating equitable learning environments for students in mathematics classrooms ensuring that every learner feels valued, supported, and capable of achieving their full potential.

Dr. Lateefah Id-Deen

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