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Age: Kindergarten 

Learning Progression:

Preschool/Transitional Kindergarten Geometry

Geometry is the study of the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, and solids.


Preschool children learn the names of different shapes like “circle”, “triangle”, etc. As children grow and learn, they become more sophisticated in their discernment of a shape’s individual attributes. They will begin to use different shapes together to create larger images of familiar objects such as a car or house.


This is also a time when children develop spatial reasoning. This means that they learn how to visualize and make inferences about the different possible positions of a shape and the spatial relationships between different shapes. The distances and direction of movement are recognized by young children as qualities they can track and manipulate to their own ends.


Families and educators can help children develop their grasp of geometrical concepts by introducing geometrical terms when opportunities arise throughout daily life. Share with your preschool aged child the shape of the table or the shape of the rug or the shape of the doorknob. Once you think they know the names of these shapes, ask your child to say the names of shapes as you pass the table or turn the doorknob to go outside.

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