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Promoting Equitable Problem Solving with Numberless Math Stories 

What does equity in mathematics look like and sound like in early childhood classrooms? This breakout session will give you the tool you need to have equitable, playful conversations about a notoriously difficult aspect of math: word problems! In this session we will introduce you to an instructional routine called Numberless Math Stories. Join us to find out what happens to student engagement and mathematical thinking when you begin by removing quantities from math stories! 


4CB84740-2815-4F54-9C0C-A71EEC279299_1_201_a - Rakhee Dodia.jpeg

Rakhee Dodia graduated from Erikson Institute with an M.S. in Early Childhood Education. She has 10 years of experience as a K-3 classroom teacher starting in New York Public Schools and then Chicago Public Schools. Currently, she is facilitating professional development and coaching Kindergarten teachers across the state of Illinois. Rakhee lives in Chicago and is learning how to sew this summer!

Rakhee Dodia

Born and raised in California, Sisa Pon Renie has supported school staff, faculty and students as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach and consultant in communities that are under-resourced nationwide. She brings a passion for social justice as the foundation for all her work and is committed to success for all students and faculty alike. Sisa enjoys the challenge of empowering school staff and children to affirm identities and contribute to building a better society. Currently, she is a coach and PD facilitator for the Erikson Institute in Chicago and enjoys helping others learn about the intersection of early math and social justice. A lover of reading, yoga, and bringing people together, Sisa is a mother of two compassionate humans and one vocal dog. She and her family live in central Illinois.

Sisa Pon Renie

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