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Playful Beginnings = Purposeful Futures

In today's evolving educational landscape, the link between inclusive early childhood education and college and career readiness has gained unprecedented importance. This professional development session delves into the critical connection between these two seemingly distinct phases of a student's educational journey. The session offers educators, administrators, and stakeholders a unique opportunity to explore how cultivating an inclusive environment during early childhood can lay the groundwork for future college and career success. Learning Outcomes: As a result of this session, participants will: Recognize the far-reaching impact of inclusive early experiences on a child's cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development. Engage interactively to strategize ways to create a cohesive educational journey that supports students holistically. Gain insights into the impact of providing alternative pathways in order to suit the individual's strengths, interests, and needs.

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Kevin Schaefer is currently the Director of Inclusive Practices/Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP) project through the El Dorado COE. In this role, Kevin works to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities through the provision of high-quality leadership and support to the CDE and LEAs throughout the state. Additionally, he provides organizational support by promoting continuous improvement processes and alignment of initiatives that focus on creating environments of belonging that honor the diversity of learners. His varied background as a special education teacher, administrator, and national/state technical assistance provider has led to expertise in the areas of systems change.

Kevin Schaefer

Heather Snipes is a Program Support Specialist/Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP) Project through the El Dorado COE. She has 15 years of experience in early education, ranging from in-home, collegiate child development labs, Tribal Head Start, and as Director of Early Childhood Development and Special Education in a State Preschool in Northern California where she developed a successful inclusive preschool model. She is an advocate for access to high quality early childhood experiences and continues to emphasize the importance of collaboration in order to nurture a strong foundation of partnership between each child’s home and school setting from day one. Heather earned a master’s degree in Child Development Administration in 2020 and is a Commissioner for the Advisory Commission on Special Education.

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Heather Snipes

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