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Pattern Fish
by Trudy Harris    

Perfect Square

Pattern Fish.jpg
Explore color, shape, sound, and motion patterns as seahorse, eel, puffer fish, jellyfish, octopus, and fish swim, slip, eat, blow bubbles, glide, and wiggle-jiggle- jiggle-float their way through the ocean.
Resources for Pattern Fish:
Full Book Review (English)
Full Book Review (Spanish)
Brief Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (Spanish)

Splash-turn-swish-dive, splash-turn-swish-dive...Why did everyone swim away?


Math Connections:

Patterns              Pattern Recognition


Activities to Do Together:

  • Look for sounds, designs, or movements that repeat.

  • Draw a picture pattern, make sound patterns, make movement patterns.

  • Look for a pattern made up of two different things, three different things, and four different things.

  • Go on a pattern hunt.


Extension Questions:

  1. What types of patterns have you noticed? Where have you noticed them?

  2. Can you make a pattern by clapping your hands? What does your hand clapping pattern sound like? How would you describe it?

  3. Open the book PatternFish to any page. What types of patterns do you notice on the page? How many different patterns can you find on the page? How are the patterns alike?

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:

in, on, pattern, top, underneath, underwater