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Paper Engineering Magic

In this hands-on math activity, we will engage in some paper engineering! Paper is a simple but fascinating medium to explore STEAM content. Join us as we use an envelope to explore patterns and 3D geometry, emphasizing wonder, curiosity, and visual arts. 

Materials Needed:

  • Envelope (new or used

  • Pen/Pencil 

  • Ruler/Straight Edge

Download Available:


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Elin has a passion for understanding how students construct their understanding of math concepts. She has spent over 20 years in public education working as a classroom teacher, mathematics coach, instructional coach, and as a TSA in elementary mathematics. In 2015 she participated on the CA Department of Education Expert Panel for the correspondence of the California English Language Development Standards to the Mathematics and Science Standards and has been a member of the Smarter Balanced State Network of Educators. She received her BA from Santa Clara University in multidisciplinary studies, and her teaching credential and MA in Math Education from Fresno Pacific University. She also holds an Administrative Credential in Educational Leadership from Fresno State University.

Elin Anderson

Aileen has worked in math education for 20+ years. She has served in state capacities with the California Department of Education and various community organizations. She has earned two master degrees - one in Educational Technology and another in Mathematics Education, and is currently a PhD student in STEM education at Texas Tech University. Additionally, she is an adjunct faculty member at Fresno Pacific University teaching both math and engineering courses. Aileen’s work in the STEM fields fueled her to realize the importance of providing young children with powerful educational experiences and the need for advocating for the equity of women and girls within these fields.

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Aileen Rizo

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