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None the Number

More or Less.jpg
More or Less
by Stuart J. Murphy
Eddie must guess the player’s age correctly to keep from getting dunked in the pool. Could it be luck or his math skills that are keeping him dry? Will anyone succeed at getting Eddie dropped into the pool?
Resources for More or Less:
Full Book Review (English)
Full Book Review (Spanish)
Brief Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (Spanish)
Activities for More or Less:
Try in Five (English)
Adivina en 5 (Spanish)
Try in Five 10 Chart (English)
Try in Five 10 Chart odds and evens (Spanish)

Can Eddie’s math skills keep him from getting dunked?


Math Connections: 

Comparison                 Even

Odd                             Strategy



Activities to Do Together:

•  Practice guessing a mystery number. Take turns guessing.

•  Discuss the types of questions that help to eliminate numbers.

•  Guess someone’s birthdate.

•  Guess how tall someone is in inches.

Extension Questions:

  1. Explain the strategy behind Eddie’s guesses. How does he guess the ages of the people at the big picnic?

  2. Why do you think Eddie asks people if their age is below 50?

  3. What questions would you ask if you were Eddie? Why would you ask those questions? What would they tell you?

  4. What is a good first question if you were guessing a number between 1 and 20?


Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts

more, less, greater, fewer, older than, younger than, even number, odd number, between, at least

Please check out the Book Review for More or Less for more!

Online External Resources for More or Less:

Comparing Number Activities for Kids from Brainpop Educators

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