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None the Number

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Measuring Penny 
by Loreen Leedy

Lisa has a homework assignment to measure something. She chooses to measure her dog, Penny. See all the ways she measures Penny and the charts she creates about caring for Penny.

Resources for Measuring Penny:
Full Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!

Activities for Measuring Penny:
Measure Me (English)

**Spanish Versions coming soon!

How does Penny, the dog, measure up?

Math Connections: measurement, length, volume, weight, time

Activities To Do Together:.

  • Use Measuring Penny to develop understanding of the concept of all types of measurement.

  • Discuss the units of measure Lisa uses.

  • Practice using standard measuring tools like rulers, yardsticks, or tape measures by measuring something in your home or classroom. With your child, measure the length of their favorite toy or the length of their foot

Extension Questions:

  1. What have you measured? What measuring tool did you use?

  2. Do two objects have to be the same size to weigh the same? Do two objects that weigh the same have to be the same size?

  3. When Lisa is measuring water for Penny to drink, what measuring tool does she use? What unit of measurement does she use? Why doesn’t she use inches?

  4. In the story, Lisa and her dad make dog biscuits for Penny using a recipe. What might happen if they didn’t measure the ingredients carefully?

  5. What would you like to measure? What measuring tool will you use? Let’s do it!

Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts:bigger, centimeters, cents, cups, degrees, dollars, Fahrenheit, feet, gallons, half, heavier, hours, inches, length, lighter, longest, measure, meters, million, minutes, money, nonstandard units, pint, pounds, quart, seconds, shortest, smaller, tablespoon, teaspoons, temperature, unit, volume, weigh, width, yards

Please check out the Book Review for Measuring Penny for more!

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