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"Math is Everywhere!": Using Augmented Reality for Community Math Exploration

In this session, participants will learn about MathTalk’s approach to creating culturally- relevant tools that engage communities in playful math learning within their own neighborhoods. MathTalk will demonstrate how they are using MathTrails and augmented reality to encourage the idea that Math is Everywhere! The session will conclude with an invitation for participants to interact with the MathTalk technology via mobile iOS and Android devices.

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Claudia Ferrara is the Learning and Engagement lead for MathTalk. Claudia graduated with her Masters in Psychology from Wesleyan University where she studied child cognitive development, focusing on children’s development of early numeracy. Claudia served as a project manager for a large NSF funded preschool Math Game Intervention that was rolled out to schools across Connecticut. Claudia is passionate about math equity work, and is dedicated to being a part of creating playful and meaningful math experiences for families in underrepresented communities. Claudia enjoys spending time outdoors, baking, creative writing, and photography.

Claudia Ferrara

Born and raised in Cambridge, MA, Keith Griffin has been involved with youth physical education for the past 27 years. He coached multiple youth sports leagues for ages 4 through 12. Keith serves on the Cambridge Family Council policy board to help build equity in health and educational opportunities across the city. In 2018, Keith joined MathTalk where he applied his people (and carpentry!) skills to help create and develop math installations in public spaces throughout the community where he currently lives and raises his 6 children. Keith enjoys the outdoors. In his spare-time he likes to fish, cook/grill and spend time with family.

Keith Griffin

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