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Let’s play and learn together! Games engage ALL children and families in math thinking

Engaging families in math games can create opportunities for playful, joyful math interactions at home. Learn how to promote positive mathematical mindsets while developing number sense and logical thinking. Participants gain practical ideas to increase math access/engagement for PreK-2nd grade children and their families.



Donna Johnson, MS, is the Assistant Director of School support Services of Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative, where she works to provide support for coaches who help teachers enhance their math content knowledge and reflective teaching practice. Though Donna holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, her passion for teaching and learning led her from engineering into education, where she has been involved in teaching children of all ages in nontraditional settings. Her goal is to help educators become more confident in teaching foundational mathematics.  She presents workshops that focus on children from birth to age eight.

Donna Johnson

Veronica Castro, MS, earned her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies at Northern Illinois University and her master’s degree in Early Childhood Teaching from Erikson Institute. She taught for 8 years in bilingual classrooms across Chicago from pre-k through 3rd grade before becoming a math coach with Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative in 2010. Since then, she has discovered a new appreciation for math and continues to develop as a mathematician alongside the teachers and students that she has the privilege to work with.


Veronica Castro

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