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Just Enough Carrots
by Stuart J. Murphy
A mama rabbit and her child are at the grocery store. The little one is trying to get the mama to buy more carrots and fewer of the things he doesn’t like to eat. But Mama has a surprise reason for buying worms and peanuts.
Resources for Just Enough Carrots:
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Full Book Review (Spanish)
Brief Book Review (English)
Brief Book Review (Spanish)

How many carrots is enough?    


Math Connections: 

Comparing Amounts           Same As

Less Than                            Greater Than


Activities To Do Together: 

  • Use the words more than, less than, or the same to encourage your child to compare amounts in everyday situations. 

  • Ask your child, “Are there more apples or more oranges?” while visiting the grocery store, “Are there fewer toy cars or fewer toy trucks?” while playing, etc.

  • While reading the book, encourage your child to tell you which pictures shows greater than, less than, and the same. 


Extension Questions: 

  1. Why do you think the young bunny wanted more carrots and fewer peanuts? Which would you want more of?

  2. How can you tell whether there are more carrots or more cans of worms?

  3. When you are at the park: How many benches have more people sitting on them than are sitting on our bench?

  4. When you are at a restaurant: How many tables have the same number of people as are sitting at our table?

  5. When there are so many items that you can’t count them all, what is another way to tell if something has more? For example, if you and a friend are at the beach building sand castles, how can you tell who is using more sand?


Vocabulary for Building Math Concepts: 

fewer, more, same, too many

Please check out the Book Guide for Just Enough Carrots for more!

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