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"It's Always Math Time, so Let’s Play!”

Early math is the easiest math to explore! Build on what children already know by recognizing opportunities to introduce next steps. Young children can recognize and visualize math concepts by linking experiences and problem-solving in their everyday environment. - "How do you know which shoes go together?" -- Expand upon their natural curiosity, desire to help, propensity to imitate, and innate capacity for active, multi-sensory learning. Integrate motor skills, affordable activities, and instructional support to create optimum learning conditions. No matter what young children are doing, as long as they're awake, it's ALWAYS math time!

Download Available:

  • Presentation PowerPoint


Angela Russ-Ayon (Small) - Angela Russ-Ayon.jpg

The presenter has trained and keynoted in the Early Childhood arena nationwide for over 400 organizations and school districts on connecting concepts, interactive learning, and authorship. She is an award-winning children's author and music artist. She has produced music for projects funded by Head Start (IMIL), WIC, (formerly 5aDay), and other non-profits. She has worked with thousands of young children in Southern California classrooms, community centers, performing arts centers, museums, libraries, and book fairs. Her media and materials have been licensed to SPARK, Pearson, and HarperCollins publishers for state and international preschool projects. - B.S. Business and AA Early Childhood Development

Angela Russ-Ayon

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