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Infusing Early Math into Library Services for Children 0 – 5.

When young children develop early math knowledge, it benefits their later math and reading success. To support caregivers of children ages 0 – 5 in growing these skills, Sacramento Public Library began a multifaced effort to infuse early math into early learning initiatives. This effort identified existing early learning programs and resources that support early math learning, including storytime, early learning workshops, virtual programming, and a play-based weekly early learning drop in program called, Explore and Learn.  

In this presentation, Sacramento Public Library staff will show examples of how library staff can share strategies to support early math learning through a range of library resources and programming ideas. Participants will gain an understanding of specific techniques for designing play or storytime experiences that include early math, best practices for staff training to support early math engagement, and communication strategies for highlighting the value of early math in their communities. 


Nate Halsan, MLIS, is the Early Learning Specialist for the Sacramento Public Library. He supports staff throughout the system's 28 branches in their work with families with young children, develops and implements system-wide early learning initiatives, and provides staff training in storytime and play-based programming. 

Nate Halsan

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