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Grandfather Tang's Story

Good Night Gorilla.jpeg

Good Night, Gorilla
by Peggy Rathmann

A playful gorilla takes the zookeepers keys, unlocks many enclosures at the zoo, and all of the animals follow the zookeeper home for the night. The zookeeper’s wife realizes the animals are all in her bedroom and returns them to the zoo. However, the gorilla and his friend, the mouse, sneak back to the zookeeper’s home where they pop into bed and say goodnight.

Mathematical topics to explore with this book: spatial reasoning, counting, patterns, routines

Activities for Good Night, Gorilla:
Gotcha Gorilla (English)
Gotcha Gorilla (español)
Gotcha Gorilla Tabletop Template (English)
Gotcha Gorilla Tabletop Template (español)
Go Go Gorilla (English)
Go Go Gorilla (español)
Go Go Gorilla Game Pieces (English)
Go Go Gorilla Game Pieces (español)

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